Vít Brunner

+48 570 075 993
Work experience
Scala developer; Swarms Technologies (Bielefeld, Germany; working remotely)
Participated in architecting and building the RESTful API backing the Swarms’ mobile app for workers and the admin interface for job providers. Built using the Play Framework with Slick, Akka, and Cats, backed by PostgreSQL.
Created a simple Python SDK for the API.
Introduced integration tests for the major user journeys, which has significantly reduced the number of regressions.
Migrated the application to Docker, leading to a unified and predictable development environment and a speed up in continuous integration.
Software engineer; Inviqa (Sheffield, United Kingdom; since 2014 remote)
Helped create a Docker-based continuous delivery pipeline.
Used Scala with Akka HTTP to build a service to check the health of Kubernetes clusters.
Co-implemented a REST API to facilitate and process donations for a large non-profit organization, created an extensive integration test suite using Behat, set up AWS autoscaling, Varnish cache, performed load testing with Gatling2.
Maintained a Symfony-based tool to help plan training and conference attendance of Inviqa employees.
Prototyped a hyperlocal news application powered by ElasticSearch with an AngularJS frontend.
Moved a large MySQL database to a different data centre with zero downtime.
PHP developer; Perfect World (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Designed and created an in-house i18n system to cater to the specific needs of the company.
Created reporting tools for the marketing and finance departments to make efficient business decisions.
Prepared and conducted technical interviews of developer candidates.
Software developer; A-WebSys (Brno, Czech Republic)
Developed and maintained a wide variety of small to medium sized web applications in small teams. Zend Framework, MySQL, Workbench, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. Built a simple points-based eshop in an afternoon.
Personal projects
2016; Scala
An MCTS-based AI to play Quoridor. I can beat it.
2014; AngularJS, CoffeeScript
Easy visual comparison tool for different translations or versions of itemized texts; e.g. poems, bibles, etc. See it in action for Enchiridion and Tao Te Ching.
2013; Python
A semi-intelligent AI solver for RoboZZle. Solved 2,000+ puzzles. Currently in top 50 of the 50,000+ players. This was lots of fun.
2012; JavaScript, jQuery
A jQuery plugin to keep elements in jQuery Masonry ordered. This solved a problem I turned out not to have, but some people still use it.
2008; an awful MySQL database hiding behind one large PHP file
Summary ratings for LittleGolem game server. Features automatic updates powered by the Googlebot. Will not show the code.
2007; PHP, Kohana framework
Filesystem based gallery to show off my photos. Pretty simple, really.
2004; TeX, Perl, Bash
Created PDFs containing go problems gathered from various sources. A couple of years later, designed a website powered by Middleman and Twitter Bootstrap.
Cool things I’ve done
Translated KGS and its client software from English into Czech.
Achieved 4 dan in the game of go, studied in South Korea for three months under kind guidance of Mr Kim Sung-Rae, 8 dan professional.
Initiated and co-organized Polish Summer Go Camp 2010 (around 90 participants throughout two weeks). Repeated the endeavour in 2016 with great success, introducing many improvements (more teachers for different grades, better tournament structure, play currency to bid for prizes).
Achieved advanced proficiency in certain abstract board games, particularly TwixT, Hex, and Amazons.
Cycled across Europe, following the Eurovelo 6 for two months from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.
Successfully completed several online courses; one of the first MOOCs – the AI-Class, How Things Work, A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior, A Brief History of Humankind, and Machine Learning. Started and haven’t finished many more.
Both the HTML version and the PDF version of my CV are generated from a YAML source. I think that’s cool. If you think so too, I’d like to work with you!